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Published on January 2nd, 2019 | by Kids Electric Cars


What is a Multimeter and Why do I need One?

A multimeter is a simple yet indispensable piece of electrical equipment which measures electric current, voltage and resistance. It can help you to diagnose all kinds of problems, should your electric car develop a fault over time.

A multimeter features two probes which can be used to measure the voltage, current or resistance across different components within an electric system. To practice using your multimeter, apply the probes to the two terminals of the battery. By measuring the voltage across these terminals, you can find out exactly how much charge your battery is holding.

All batteries degrade with time, and after a few years, many will no longer be able to hold a full charge. By using a multimeter on a freshly-charged battery, you can find out exactly how much power it is storing, and see exactly when it’s time for a replacement. If you find that your battery is holding 0.99V or less, then it’s time for a new one.

We sell a full range of kids electric car replacement batteries starting at only £21.95, so when you need more juice, visit our battery spares page and find the battery which matches your car.

In the unlikely event that your electric car develops a fault, you can use a multimeter to figure out exactly which element of your car has failed. With this information, you can identify the exact part you need to replace.

If you experience a fault, begin by testing your battery. It is an unfortunate fact that rechargeable batteries do not last forever, and it is very likely, especially if you’ve had your car for a while, that it will eventually need replacing. If you find that your battery is not the offending component, then move on to checking the motors, then the circuit board, placing the probes of the multimeter at the positive and negative contacts of each component in turn.

Once you’ve identified which part of your electric car is malfunctioning, visit our spare parts page, where we stock spares from only £14.95, so if you’ve blown a motor and need a replacement, it won’t break the bank.

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