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Published on January 2nd, 2019 | by Kids Electric Cars


What is a 2.4g Remote Control System on kids toys?

Many of our electric ride on toys come with a 2.4g remote control system

The bluetooth remote for kids cars allows you to take control of the vehicle. This is a hugely popular feature with our customers, as it gives you the ability to take control of the vehicle in case your child is heading into harm’s way. It’s also great for letting little brothers and sisters have a ride, even if they’re not old enough to be able to work the controls.

But what does 2.4g actually mean? 2.4g, sometimes referred to as 2.4Ghz or 2.4 Gigahertz is a system which allows for fast, reliable remote control without the problem of interference from other remote control devices in the area. Before 2.4g, remote controls operated on one of two frequencies, which meant that if more than two devices were in the same vicinity, there would be guaranteed interference and potential problems as handsets start to act intermittently and even influence other vehicles.

2.4g does away with this issue by using micro frequencies which ensure that there is no interference. Thanks to 2.4g, you can have any number of electric cars in the same area, all controlled independently. Thanks to 2.4g remote control, you can let your kids invite their friends over for races without losing the ability to take control should you have to.

If you’re buying two or more cars, or your kids want to race with their friends, then 2.4g remote control is a must, especially if you want to help to avoid crashes. Simply type 2.4g into our search bar and you’ll be able to browse through our exhaustive selection of kids electric cards with 2.4g control.

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