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Published on November 5th, 2016 | by Kids Electric Cars


What age do electric quads go up to?

What age do electric quads go up to?

What age do electric quads go up to

Electric quads are one of the most popular kids’ ride on vehicles available. There are dozens of options, but with most electric quads being designed for younger children, it can be difficult to find an electric quad for older kids. In this handy guide, we take a look at the different options available for different age groups, so that you can find the electric quad that best suits your child’s age and size.

Kids aged 2-4 can choose from a huge variety of electric ride on quads. These come in two types. The first are specially-designed toddler ride-ons like the Kids Jumbo 6v Flame Red Electric Quad Bike, which features supportive seating ideal for younger kids. 6V quads also come in styles more suitable for ongoing play, and designed for kids to use for several years. One of the most popular of this type is the 6v Foot Accelerator Ride On Electric Quad Bike. This quad combines all the safety features of a toddler’s ride on car with a foot-pedal control and a rugged look which will still appeal to 5 year olds.

4-7 year olds have a huge choice of cars available. Now that their co-ordination has improved, they are capable of handling more powerful vehicles. We recommend 12v vehicles for this age group, especially the Blue Mega Quad 12v Kids Electric Quad Bike and the Red Raptor 12v Kids Electric Quad Bike 2016 Edition, which both offer 12v of power plus an increased weight capacity, perfect for growing kids.

Kids electric quads for older children offer even more features and control. For kids aged 8 to 14, we have a variety of super-powered vehicles, including the Razor 24v Kids Electric Quad Bike, which is ideal for kids aged 8-12, and the Premium Quality 36V Off Road Electric Quad Bike with 1000W motor, which is suitable for kids of up to 14 years old.

So there you have it. If you’ve been looking for info on kids electric quads for teenagers, kids or toddlers, then we have something in our range to suit.

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