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Published on February 8th, 2016 | by Kids Electric Cars


Things to consider when using a freight company to send our products abroad

freight company to send our products abroad

We deliver to all parts of the UK, and many of our products can also be shipped to Ireland and mainland Europe. Some of our cars can even be shipped to America, although this selection is limited. However, if you want to ship a kids electric car overseas, many people choose to order to a UK address and then use a courier company to deliver it onward to its final destination, wherever that may be.

If you’re ordering from us and you plan on shipping your electric car overseas, there are several things you need to keep in mind. In this handy guide, we’ll take you through the basics of what you need to know in order to have your electric car shipped abroad.

First, if you decide to ship your electric car abroad, make sure you make careful note of the weight and dimensions before contacting couriers, as they will be unable to offer you an exact quote without them.

Second, make sure your courier offers a tracked delivery service. The ability to locate and check on your shipment is really worthwhile and offers great peace of mind. You might also want to find a courier who will insure your package for its full value, should anything go wrong. This way, if disaster strikes and your package is lost, you won’t be out of pocket.

Another key consideration is packaging. Your kids electric car order will arrive boxed, but you may wish to reinforce the packaging for a long overseas trip. Ask your chosen courier about their packaging options, as they may be able to repackage your goods for you, although it’s worth mentioning that this will probably be a lot more expensive than doing it yourself.

Finally, be patient. Global shipping often relies on container ships, and transit can take a while to complete. Compare delivery quotes from different couriers to make sure you get the fastest option if you’re in a rush.

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