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Published on July 25th, 2014 | by Kids Electric Cars


Set Up Guide For Kids Range Rover Style 12v Jeep

The 12v Range Rover Sport Style Ride-on Jeep is one of the most popular kids ride on cars of all time. This model is the very latest design for this year. This 4×4 kids ride on features an amazing collection of features including mp3 speaker system, powerful 12v motors and a parental remote control system.

If you have purchased this model, take a look at our handy video below which helps you build the car step by step. This helpful guide will show you how to construct your kids range rover style jeep from getting it out of the box to turning it on and taking it for a spin.

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Connecting the Range Rover Style 12v Jeep Battery:

Main Assembly for the Range Rover Style 12v Jeep:

Wiring Troubleshooting:

Pedal Not Working in Range Rover Style Jeep:

Remote Not Working for Range Rover Style Jeep:

Bypassing the Range Rover Jeep Style Power Switch:

How to Bypass the Range Rover Kids Jeep Fuse:

Steering Wheel Issues for Range Rover Style Ride On:

Click Here for the Range Rover Jeep Style Ride On Instruction Manual

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