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Published on July 25th, 2014 | by Kids Electric Cars


Remote and Pedal Don’t Work On Kids Electric Car

If you’ve assembled your kids electric car you may find that your car does not drive using either the remote or pedal. Not to worry though as 95% of the time this is down to a loose connection that can be quickly and easily resolved. If parts are needed these can be sourced and dispatched quickly. This kids electric cars troubleshooting video will take you through a number of checks in order to test for any possible faulty components or unassembled parts.

This test is carried out on the 12v Range Rover Style Jeep, yet the interior workings of our ride ons are very similar. If you are still experiencing issues after carrying out these test please Contact Us.

Brief Summary of Checks:

  • Check all wires are fully connected.
  • Check for bent terminals in white clip connections.
  • Remove battery covers and ensure all wires are connected to the battery terminals.
  • To check there is power in the motor, directly connect to the battery. Test both motors if applicable.
  • If no power this will confirm the battery is discharged.
  • If there is power there may be an issue with the on/off switch.
  • Check connections on switch for any build up or broken connections.

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