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Published on July 11th, 2014 | by Kids Electric Cars


Non-Starting Kids Electric Ride On Troubleshooting Guide

Try these handy steps to get your ride on up and running!

If you’ve assembled your car but are experiencing issues with the car starting up or performing other basic functions such as sounds or lights, try these helpful steps which should solve most issues.


1. In the first instance please make sure you have connected the battery terminals tightly as these cars are usually shipped with one terminal disconnected for safety reasons. If necessary crimp these connectors with a pair of pliers.

2. Also make sure all the connections and wires are sound and firmly connected. If applicable please access the under seat area as this is a common place for loose wiring.

3. Please check if the charger is getting warm after 3 to 4 hours. If so this indicates the charger is good. Please note the car will not operate whilst the charger is still connected to the car which is also a safety feature.

4. Please check the connection is good to the fuse, which is the small black box approximately 1 inch square on the red battery terminal wire.

5. If your car has both remote and manual function can you please try it in both modes as on rare occasions the switch may not work on one of the two functions.

6. Finally, if all else has failed providing your car has an on off switch rather than a key switch, prise the switch from the car body using a small flat bladed screwdriver, remove the two wires terminals from the switch and temporarily join together to override the switch to see if the switch is at fault.


If you find any problems matching these steps, please let us know so that we can dispatch the relevant spare parts or offer the correct remote assistance.

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