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Published on November 14th, 2015 | by Kids Electric Cars


How long does it take to Assemble a Childs ride on car?

How long does it take to Assemble a Childs ride on car?


Assembling a kids electric car is simple, but we know that parents worry about ordering an electric car and ending up with a boxful of components, and one of our most frequently asked questions is: how long does it take to assemble a child’s ride on car? If you’re worrying that you’ll need to be a skilled mechanic in order to assemble your kids’ electric car, then you can rest easy: all our electric cars require only a few simple steps before they’re ready for your kids to play with.

Our kids electric cars come part assembled, but don’t worry, all that means is that you’ll need to attach certain elements which can’t be fitted before packaging, such as wheels, windscreens, spoilers and radio antennae. 15-20 minutes is all you’ll need to assemble your kids electric car. At most, all you’ll need is a couple of basic tools, such as a screwdriver, although in most cases everything you need ñ including tools ñ comes in the box.

Each of our kids electric cars comes with clear, concise instructions so you can be certain that your car is properly, safely assembled. Batteries will need to be charged before use, so make sure if you’re giving a child an electric car as a present that you charge the battery before wrapping it up.

So if you’ve been stressing out about how long it takes to build a kids electric car, then don’t worry: the assembly process is simple, quick and straightforward. If you want to give your child this incredible gift, but you’re not exactly a qualified mechanic, you can order with confidence.

If you live in London there’s also a handy website for finding others that would be happy to build your car! Just check out

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