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Published on January 20th, 2019 | by Kids Electric Cars


How Does Parental Remote Work on a Kids Electric Car?

Parental remote control is one of the most popular features with our customers, but we are often asked exactly how it works.

Cars with remote control functionality have a switch on the dashboard which allows you to select between remote and manual modes. In manual mode, the car is controlled using the steering wheel and pedals, while in remote mode, these are disabled and the car is instead controlled by the remote control handset.

Because the remote control allows parents to operate the vehicle, this lets even very young children experience the thrill of driving. Remote control is one of our most popular features, and it is also the feature we get most questions about. Below you will find information on the various kinds of remote control which will help you to decide which system is right for you and your child.

Radio Frequency Remotes

There are three types of remote control system. The first, and most common, is the universal 27MHz system. These remotes work on the same universal frequency as many smaller remote control toys, and while they are very simple to set up and very reliable, the fact that they all use the same frequency means that if you intend to drive two cars, you will experience interference, as both cars will respond to both remotes.

2.4gG Bluetooth Remotes

The second parental remote system for kids electric cars is the 2.4G Bluetooth variety. This is growing increasingly common. It works using microfrequencies, allowing for many different vehicles to be used together without interference. If you are looking to buy more than one car, and you want ot use them both on remote mode at the same time, you should ensure that at least one of your chosen cars is a 2.4G vehicle.

SmartPhone Remote App

The final remote system is the SmartPhone app system. This allows you to use a an app to control the car direct from a smartphone or tablet. At the moment this system is quite rare, but it is proving very popular and we anticipate more smartphone remote kids electric cars hitting the market soon.

If you’re not sure which remote system your chosen car is fitted with, simply scroll down to the bottom of the product page where you will find the specification. If it simply lists ‘Parental remote control,’ then the car uses the standard universal 27MHz type. If it says 2.4G or Bluetooth, then this is the system it uses. This is also the case with smartphone remotes, although for these models there will also be a picture of a smartphone in the corner of the product image.

The designs of the remotes change frequently, and so the pictures of the remotes are for illustration only, and the design will very likely vary from that shown. Though the designs vary, the function remains the same, and all remotes feature the same controls.

If you have any further questions about our kids cars with parental remote then drop us a line, either by email or through our Live Chat feature.

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