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Published on June 7th, 2011 | by Kids Electric Cars


Compliance with WEEE Regulations

Compliance with WEEE Regulations – Free Take-Back service take environmental concerns seriously and accordingly are pleased to operate a ‘Take-Back’ scheme which is compliant with the Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006.

This means that when you buy a new Electrically powered Ride-on toy or any similar product from us are pleased to offer a ‘Take-Back’ scheme which means we will take back from you any old electric ride-on car of similar specification and size, irrespective of whether it was originally purchased from us. You have 28 days to take advantage of this option from the date of purchase of your product from us. The ‘Take Back’ option does not apply to a product just purchased. In order to take advantage of this service whereby we will dispose of your old product on your behalf, simply contact us at advising us of the shipment and return your product, suitably packaged, by courier to

WEEE Returns Team
Swan Yard

Please understand that as we are a distance seller without a physical retail shop, the cost of this return carriage, under UK law, should be paid by you the customer, not

Disposal of Electrical items under the WEEE Directive

As a participant in the Scheme have a duty to advise you of the following under Regulation 33:

  • It is a requirement by each member state to minimize the disposal of WEEE as unsorted municipal waste and instead aim to achieve a high level of recovery in a environmentally sound manner and fully supports this policy. Accordingly when we receive a returned vehicle we will dispose of it at our nearest available recycling centre where the product can be re-used, repaired or recycled. If you chose to dispose of the vehicle yourself, we urge you to do the same.
  • If you are intending a disposal yourself, you need to be aware that electrical items may contain hazardous substances dangerous to the environment and human health – this particularly impacts electric batteries, motors and circuit boards, so please take care if separating these items out from any waste.
  • Finally you should be aware that any items carrying the crossed out wheelie bin symbol, such as batteries, should not be disposed of in your normal wheelie bin collections and should be handed in for specialist recycling at your nearest recycling centre. Please ensure you take care and wear gloves when handling such items to minimise the chance of electrical or chemical shock.
  • All waste items should of course be kept out of harms way away from children, pets, wildlife and natural water courses such as streams or rivers.

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