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Published on October 1st, 2016 | by Kids Electric Cars


Best ride-on cars for going on grass

Best ride-on cars for going on grass

Best Ride-on cars for going on grass

Kids love electric motorized cars, but what if you want them to be able to drive on a grassy surface? Can all cars handle it, or do you need a specialized vehicle? Check out this handy guide to the best ride on cars for going on grass, and let us help you find the ultimate off road electric ride on toy.

When driving a kids electric car on grass, there are two things you need to consider: the power of the car’s engine, and the design of the chassis. When it comes to engine power, 6v cars just won’t be able to cope with anything but a smooth surface, and we do not recommend them for off-road use. 12v cars are great for allowing smaller kids to drive on the grass in their electric cars, while older kids will need 24v or even higher voltages to fully enjoy the off-road experience.

As well as the voltage, you’ll need to make sure the car is designed with off-road use in mind. With many 6v cars, the chassis is entirely made of plastic, and features no suspension. This can cause the car to shake when used off road, and can result in wear and damage. We recommend only choosing cars with suspension if you want to drive them off road.

So, now that you understand the basics, just what are the best ride on cars for going on grass? We’ve gone through our extensive range and put together this handy top ten:

1: 12v Jeep Style Ride On With Suspension

This model combines a 12v motor with suspension and a rugged jeep-style look for an incredible off-road experience.

2: 12v Licensed Hummer Jeep ride On

Perfect for kids who like their trucks big, square and powerful, this outstanding off road vehicle is packed with features, making it perfect for outdoor play.

3: 12v Licensed Audi A3 Dual Motor with Suspension

This stylish kids electric car combines authentic licensed Audi design with a fantastic dual motor system which delivers plenty of power. This, along with the suspension, makes this an excellent off-road choice.

4: 12v Range Rover Style Big Rangie Jeep

Big, burly and ready for action, this 12v range rover style vehicle is ideal for off-road outings.

5: Peg Perego 12v Ranger Off Road Buggy

From Italian manufacturer Peg Perego, widely considered one of the best kids electric car brands, comes this outstanding off road buggy, perfect for muddy days.

6: Razor 24v Kids Electric Quad Bike

For bigger kids, or those who want a bit of extra power, this 24v quad bike offers a great way to ride off-road, even in muddy conditions.

7: 36v Off Road Electric Quad Bike

For kids who want even more power, this 36v beast is an incredible way to explore the countryside, and is so powerful it can even cope with medium hills.

8: Peg Perego 12 v Ranger Off Road Racing Buggy

Combining speed and Italian style, this fantastic light racing buggy is more than capable of getting off road.

9: Licensed Mercedes AMG S63 12v electric kids car

Combining sleek executive style with off-road capability, this Licensed Mercedes AMG is the choice for kids who really know their cars.

10: 12v Kids Two Seater Off Road Racing Dune Buggy

With its two seats and classic Dune Buggy look, this car is a must for summer days.

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