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Published on February 20th, 2016 | by Kids Electric Cars


Ride-on Cars with Suspension


Ride-on Cars with Suspension

If you’ve been looking for a kids electric car that can cope with off-road driving, or just one with a smoother, comfier ride, then what you need is kids ride on cars with suspension.
A suspension system makes all the difference when it comes to riding on grass or off-road. But what should you look for in a ride on car with suspension? First, suspension comes in several shapes and sizes. Ride on cars with suspension designed for use on muddy paths and uneven ground will often feature full front and fear suspension. Electric kids quads are particularly likely to be fitted with full suspension, as this also helps with stability on vehicles with higher centres of gravity.
We offer a range of vehicles with full suspension, including the rough, tough Official Licensed Hummer With Remote, and the top-branded Peg Perego Off Roader With Adjustable Seats, which combines Italian craftsmanship with authentic off-road performance.
Cars fitted with only front or rear suspension are great for driving on grass, but may struggle with more extreme terrain, and are not recommended for use on uneven ground. If you’re looking for a kids electric car that can travel on grass, then why not check out the, which features rear suspension and, as the name suggests, is perfect for driving on grass. If your kids prefer a sportier look, we also have the Officially Licensed Audi A3 With Dual Motor and Suspension, which is perfect for use on grass and even works reasonably well on gravel.
So if you’ve been looking for ride on cars with suspension, make sure you check out these incredible options and choose the car that matches your kids’ needs: if you’re going to be riding on rough paths or up hills, then full suspension is for you. If riding on grass is all you’re after, then either front or rear suspension is perfectly adequate.

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